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what is breathe. believe. balance all about?

Breathe Believe Balance is one part memoir and one part guide to self-discovery. It is an intimate account of the lessons Shayamal Vallabhjee learnt from his growing up in an apartheid era in South Africa and living the life of a monk, to travelling the globe with professional athletes. He has popularized the concept of ‘Balance’ in India. Using his knowledge and experience from the worlds of science, spirituality, and psychology, in this book, Vallabhjee takes you through this introspective and self-healing journey.

From understanding the importance of self-love to decoding the science of healthy relationships; from learning to be emotionally present in every conversation to engineering your environment for success; Breathe Believe Balance guides you to take a closer and deeper look at your life. With personally curated questionnaires and scientific analysis of the human psyche, this book is your guide to self-transformation and personal mastery.

“I was personally drawn to the manner in which this book blends spirituality and science. Inspiring, uplifting, and thought-provoking. I only wish I had read something like this twenty years ago.”

Lara Dutta, Actor and former Miss Universe

“In Breathe. Believe. Balance., Shayamal downloads twenty years of learnings from his life in sport and spirituality. His insights on subjects like personal growth, mindfulness, and emotional healing are simple yet powerful.”

Sania Mirza, Former No. 1 WTA Tennis Professional

“Shayamal and I have shared many experiences navigating our way through extremely turbulent times in the high-pressure IPL and CPL cricket tournaments. A close mentor in High Performance, the lessons in this book have aided me in reflection, past, present, and future, and helped me rediscover my life perspective in a volatile time. Breathe, Believe, Balance a must-read for anyone searching for life perfect equilibrium”

Brad Hodge, Australian Cricketer & former Head Coach: Kings XI Punjab, St Lucia Stars

“A book like this can only be written by someone who has a deep understanding of the human condition and a keen grasp of psychology, science, and spirituality. Vallabhjee is one such writer and life coach. He has given us a book that can help us to overcome our destructive patterns, find our strengths, and lead fulfilling lives. We owe it to ourselves to get started on this ‘inner work’ without delay.”

Shunali Shroff, Author of Love in the Time of Affluenza

“Based on expertise and experience gained from years of practice, both professionally and spiritually, Shayamal has strung his pearls of wisdom together in Breathe. Believe. Balance. I am sure this book will benefit the readers in transforming their lives positively.”

Gaur Gopal Das, Monk & Bestselling author: Life’s Amazing Secrets

“A fabulous work by my good friend Shayamal, who applies great dedication and his rich hands-on experience to educate us on the importance of reaching the optimal balance in life through a physical, mental, and spiritual approach to our daily lives routines. Undoubtedly, you will find this book very useful on the way to your new and prosperous future.”

Max Mirnyi, Olympic Gold Medalist & 10 x Tennis Grand Slam Champion

“In Breathe. Believe. Balance. I found the answers to the big questions I was grappling with – how do I accept and learn to love myself, what is my purpose here, and how do I achieve balance both within myself and with the world around me? In short, a powerful, practical guide to self-discovering healing and happiness that we all must-read.”

Soha Ali Khan, Actor and Author of The Perils of Being Moderately Famous

“If you are looking for an ‘out the box’ approach to performance enhancement, look no further. Shayamal traveled with me on the ATP tour for six years, including two Olympic Games. Much of the learnings in this book have helped shape me, personally and professionally. Using science, he will guide you to mould habits that will help you become the person you want to be.”

Mahesh Bhupathi, 12 x Tennis Grand Slam Champion

“Shayamal, you delivered exactly what you had promised – this book is profound and sophisticated, yet simple to understand. It is spiritual and philosophical, yet very practical and well structured. It is gripping and it carries you all the way through. I love the illustrations and explanations you give from sports, your personal life, and science that make even the most complex ideas easy to digest and apply to the reader’s own life. And like a cherry on top – your honesty and sincerity are absolutely irresistible.

If you want to GET balance, not KNOW or UNDERSTAND it, but get it on a cellular level so that it actually transforms your life, don’t just read the book, do the practical tasks and keep this book as your tutorial to a fulfilled and balanced life.”

Kristina Mand Lakhiani, Founder of Mindvalley

“This is not a book -it is a conversation with a dear friend. A conversation that encourages deep reflection, honesty, and bearing of one’s true nature. While I have read books on self-development, healing, philosophy, spirituality, and leadership – this is one of the few that brings all of these subjects so beautifully together. This little but powerful book with its worksheets could be seen as your personal guide that handholds you as your work your way through life’s growth challenges. Each chapter is a gem on its own.”

Amit Mookim, Managing Director: IQVIA

A note from The Author

Shayamal Vallabhjee

I got extremely lucky very early on in life, for one reason only. I learnt a very important lesson.

Everyone needs a coach in life. Coaches are your alter ego, revealing to you the hard truths that push you towards greatness. As a High Performance Coach to elite athletes, professional sporting teams & corporate executives, I saw life through a particularly interesting lens: How do I give them a competitive advantage in a high performing environment. This often meant that I needed to redefine their comfort zone, an experience that was testing to say the least. With time, you learn that before you rise up, you have got to lay down. It is there that you will find quiet courage and purpose. Spirituality (living as a monk) taught me how to be comfortable on the ground – how to starve my fears and feed my courage when no one else is around. It taught that today’s weakness is tomorrow’s strength.

The most beautiful thing about life is that adversity will always reveal something beautiful – either materialistically or spiritually. At every stage of life, many people will doubt you & if you are lucky, a few will support you. None of this has any bearing on what your true potential is. Believe, work hard & have faith. It’s the secret to unlocking that “Peak Performance Mindset”.

About Shayamal

Shayamal Vallabhjee is a South African born Sports Scientist with a Master’s in Psychology. He has worked as a High Performance Coach at the cutting edge of professional sport for two decades. Shayamal lived as a monk at the Hare Krsna Temple and now passionately combines evidence based science and psychology with ancient spiritual practices to help his clients achieve Peak Performance and Flow. He has worked with the South African and Indian Cricket and Davis Cup Teams, Kings XI Punjab, St Lucia Stars, Indian Olympic Association, ATP Tour, Kenyan Athletics, Jaipur Pink Panthers, Bengaluru F.C and more. He is on the global advisory board of Herbalife International and the Institute of Risk Management (UK). Shayamal is a the author of 3 books, a TEDx speaker, INK Fellowship, Men’s Health Trainer of the Year, and passionate ultra-marathoner.

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Learn the art and science of meditation from someone who has lived as a monk and studied various breathwork and meditation rituals, as practiced in their purest, most authentic form.


Embark on a Self-Healing Journey

Having grown up in an apartheid era in South Africa, he learnt the importance of healing and the role of forgiveness in one’s pursuit of happiness. Learn Shayamal’s SAFE Method to healing pain and trauma, and unlock that best version of yourself.



He has spent two decades at the forefront of professional sport, engineering the body and mind of some of the world’s greatest athletes. Get access to the lessons and learnings that have helped mould these champions.



Do you have what it takes to become a champion? You can fast track your growth by winning a chance to have Shayamal as your own High Performance Coach.



Exclusive coaching videos, lessons from a world-renowned high-performance coach, free meditations, win invites to special events, a chance to be coached by Shayamal, signed copies of Breathe. Believe. Balance, and more.

Breathe. Believe. Balance.


    • Introduction: The Balance Model: Body, Mind, Relationships, Environment
    • Self Love: Why and How to fall in Love with Yourself.
    • Circles of Connection: The Science of Relationships
    • Start With Your Strengths: The Art of Decoding your Strengths
    • Playing With Perspectives: The Life Blueprint Exercise: Psyche Lenses
    • Freeing Yourself from Destruction: Understanding Subconscious Programs
    • Engineering Your Environment: The Internal (Mind) vs External (Ecosystem)
    • Being Mindful in Communication & Conflict
    • Self-Transcendence and The Power of Purpose
    • Epilogue: A Personal Note on Balance


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What formats are available for this book, and how to get it?

Paperback, e-book . You can find it in major bookstores such as Amazon, Crosswords, WH SMITH, Books n Beyond, Higginbotham’s, Bahrison’s, Flipkart.


New Delhi : Relay Airport Stores | Full Circle | Midland Bookstores

Bangalore : Relay Airport Stores | Sapna Bookstores | Blossoms | The Book Worm

Mumbai : Relay Airport Stores | Granth | Kitab Khana

Chennai : Starmark Bookstores

Kerala : DC Bookstores

Can I buy in bulk?

Yes, you can! By buying in bulk more than 50 books at once, you can get other special bonuses as well. To order, all you need to do is to email our fulfilment specialist at admin@shayamal.com

How to claim my bonuses?

To claim your bonuses, you can go to “LIMITED TIME LAUNCH OFFER” section on this page and fill out your information. Upon filling it up, you will receive them in your email.

What is the BreatheBelieveBalance Club and why should I join it?

Shayamal loves staying connected with his followers and friends. In the BreathebBelieveBalance club you will get access to behind the scenes specials, exclusive content and live Q&A sessions with Shayamal. And if you have questions about the book or you want him to dive deeper in a particular subject, this is where you can get in touch with Shayamal

Tell me more about the ‘Online Training with Shayamal’ bonus

In the 60 minutes online session, Shayamal will pull back the curtain and reveal what he believes to be the #1 way to make an impact and experience success in today’s shifting economy and culture

I made a single purchase for the book. How can I track its delivery?

We do not manage the delivery of the book from our side. Regarding delivery inquiries, please contact the support centre of the retailer you ordered from.

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